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Alternacare Infusion Pharmacy

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Ambulatory Pumps


Moog 4000 Clinical Management System (CMS)

The 4000 CMS is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion device capable of delivering continuous PCA, PCEA, subcutaneous, TPN, intermittent and variable modes. This unique, technologically advanced and innovative system continuously monitors and displays line pressure to help you detect potential catheter patency problems, such as occlusions, obstructions and pinched off catheters.

Syringe Pumps

Medi-SIS™ Infusion System

The Medi-SIS Syringe Infusion System is designed to deliver intermittent infusions or IV push medications. The Medi-SIS system utilizes proven spring technology to provide infusion times ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.

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Bard 150XL & 300XL

Continuous intravenous rates for variety of syringe sizes; plastic water-resistant case; battery operation using 4 C-Cells; belt clip or pole hanger with optional detachable pole clamp; 300XL has 3 different non-adjustable infusion speeds, 150XL has single speed. Can be used as primary infusor, or as piggyback secondary infusor in combination with another pump or burette.

Enteral Pumps


EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump

The EnteraLite Infinity enteral feeding pump allows both pediatric and adult tube fed patients the ability to maintain a normal lifestyle, resulting in increased compliance with prescribed feeding regimens.

Kangaroo® 324 Feeding Pump

• Accurate volumetric delivery
• Ability to preset a dose to be delivered.
• Overinfusion safeguard.
• Touch panel controls / Built-in clamp
• Volume totalizer with separate volume clear button.
• Audio and visual alarms with variable alarm volume control.
• 24-hour battery.
• Retains flow rate, dose and volume delivered in memory for 24 hours after pump shut-off.

Kangaroo® Pet Feeding Pump

• For ambulatory enteral patients.
• Lightweight / 14-hour battery.
• Loading arm locks into place.
• Overinfusion safeguard.
• Permits intermittent delivery.
• Uses standard KANGAROO pump sets.
• Carrying case can be worn as a backpack or shoulder pack.
• Velcro close flaps on carrying case.
• Freestanding frame – no need for I.V. pole.
• Retains flow rate setting in memory for 16 hours after pump shut-off.