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November is Home Care and Hospice Month

New Staff Additions: Welcome Leigh & Autumn

Thanks to all Home Health Agencies that visited our booth at the
Kansas Home Care Meeting in September.
We loved seeing you!

Medicare Part D Got You Confused?

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November is Home Care and Hospice Month

Medicare Part D Got You Confused?

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Three Ways to Reduce STRESS:

Meditation – Visualize something calm, like a blank screen or clouds. Or try to clear your mind entirely. Replace your fears with a calmer image.

Exercise –  Exercise releases physical tension in the muscles. The bigger the muscles you exercise, the less stress you will bear.

Laughter – When we laugh, we loosen the tense muscles in our face. This also allows more blood to flow to the pleasure centers of the brain…we feel better!

Does Your Enteral Patient Have Coverage in the Home?


Does the patient meet one or both of these criteria?

  1. Permanent non-function or disease of the structures that normally permit food to reach the small bowel


  1. Disease of the small bowel which impairs digestion and absorption of a oral diet, either of which requires tube feedings to provide sufficient nutrients to maintain weight and strength commensurate with the patient’s overall health status.

Is the impairment PERMANENT (at least 3 months) or TEMPORARY?

Temporary has NO COVERAGE.

Anatomic (such as obstruction due to head and neck cancer) or motility disorders (such as severe dysphagia) ARE COVERED.

If the coverage requirements for enteral nutrition are met, medically necessary nutrients, administration supplies and equipment ARE COVERED.

COVERAGE IS POSSIBLE for patients with partial impairment – e.g. a patient with dysphagia who can swallow small amounts of food or a patient with Crohn’s disease who requires prolonged infusion of enteral nutrients to overcome a problem with absorption.

Enteral nutrition is NON-COVERED for patients with a functioning GI tract where a patient has nausea or anorexia associated with mood disorder, end-stage disease, etc.

Enteral nutrition products that are administered orally and related supplies are NON-COVERED.


Note that many commercial plans will not cover the formula; however, they will cover the pump and supplies.

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